Win it!

Claim your shot and redeem for money or prizes!


So you won! Now what?

First, make your claim.

  • Via Website

    1. Login or Register if you have not yet done so. Registering is very easy!

    2. Go to your User Profile Page by clicking your email address in the header at the top.

    3. See your Player History at the bottom of the page. You will be able to make your claim within 48 hours of purchasing your voucher by simply clicking the Change link to pick your tee time and select your claim.

  • Via Clubhouse iPad

    1. Tap the CLAIM button on the iPad Colonial Leaf Clubhouse App Main screen.

    2. Enter your email address to look up your voucher.

    3. Select your tee time to help us find your shot on video.

    4. Pick your claim.

Next, we review your claim.

We will review the video to verify your shot, and update your status. You will receive an email when this is done. It should take less than 48 hours from the time you made your claim.

Redeem your CL Points to receive your award!

1. Click here to redeem your points or go to your Profile Page and click the Redeem link next to your points.

2. Ensure your contact info is correct and select your prize.

3. We will send the award within 48 hours of receiving your request!

Good luck and have fun!